Asset Management Services

The Donaldson Group team works closely with our clients to achieve the maximum value for their asset or portfolio.  We accomplish this, in part, by reviewing every aspect of the relevant market, from both a macro and micro perspective, and then determining how those factors relate to the specific asset or portfolio.  The asset management team develops operating income and expense analyses and produces operating proformas for our clients and to serve as guidance to the management team.

We analyze debt structures and advise on refinancing potential and assist our clients in executing any refinancing, restructuring or sale of assets.  We also coordinate with lenders regarding debt servicing and replacement reserve refund processes.  Additionally, the asset management team carefully examines all property tax assessments and manages any tax appeals on behalf of our clients.  We evaluate all insurance coverage and make recommendations and place insurance coverage, when requested by our clients.  Based on our financial analyses, we establish appropriate tax, insurance and other balance sheet reserves as part of our risk management function.  The asset management team will also assess utility consumption and costs, make recommendations on energy conservation and advise on and place, when required, long term utility contracts on behalf of our clients.


  • Assist Owner in Achieving Maximum Value
  • Analyze Debt Structure & Refinancing Options
  • Assist Owner on Sale of Assets
  • Coordinate with Lenders on Debt Servicing and Replacement Reserves
  • Generate Operating Proformas and Conduct Operating Income/Expense Analyses
  • Coordinate Property Tax Assessments & Appeals
  • Manage Property Insurance
  • Assess Utility Consumption/Costs & Manage Contracts