Financial Management & Accounting Services

The Donaldson Group offers a full-range of financial management and accounting services to diverse business portfolios using the most sophisticated systems in the industry. Our flexible and responsive team offers comprehensive services including:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Cash and Accrual Financial Reporting
  • GAAP and Income Tax Accounting Solutions
  • Tax and Partnership Reporting (with Client’s Tax Accountant’s collaboration)
  • Monthly and Annual Cash Flow Projections
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Resident Payments Solutions
  • Vendor Payment Solutions
  • Payroll Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our clients informed on the current and projected financial positions of their assets. Our cash management operation analyzes each asset and forecasts monthly through year-end cash flow potential. We incorporate accounting and automation to processed rental payments using the most innovative systems in the industry. At the site, traditional paper checks are electronically scanned into the property’s bank account and the rent payment information is electronically posted directly into our systems. Credit card rental payments are accepted at no additional charge to our clients using Automated Clearing House (ACH), an electronic network for financial transactions. Vendor payments are processed through eCheck for fast and secure payments with reduced risk of check fraud and lost checks. These cash management practices along with our sophisticated custom reports enhance our ability to evaluate and manage cash on a real-time basis, make cash flow projections and keep our clients well informed of needed contributions or upcoming distributions from their assets.

The Donaldson Group constantly explores new ways to improve our Financial Management and Accounting Services to our clients through ongoing operational review, control and innovation. We understand the strategic importance of well-designed financial systems, accurate reporting and timely financial data. We are flexible in our financial reporting capabilities and we customize our services to meet the needs and goals of our clients.