TDG’s History

The Donaldson Group (TDG) was founded in 1998 by Walter R. Donaldson. Mr. Donaldson is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) with over 40 years of multifamily and commercial property management and investment experience. Prior to TDG, Mr. Donaldson was the Executive Vice President and Director of Property Management at Dreyfuss Brothers, Inc. and a former Executive Vice President, Director of Commercial Property Management and Director of Acquisitions at Grady Management, Inc. During his career, Mr. Donaldson has renovated over 70 properties comprising over 28,000 units, opened over 40 properties comprising over 11,500 units and managed over 250 properties comprising over 85,000 units including approximately 2,000,000 square feet of office and retail space. Mr. Donaldson is recognized in the industry for his leading expertise in identifying distressed properties as candidates for major rehabilitations and repositioning.

Since 2003, TDG has advised its clients on the acquisition of approximately $1.75 billion in real estate investment transactions, IRRhas executed over $350 million in construction and renovation work, and has assisted its clients in disposing of approximately over $1.25 billion in real property investments.  During this period, TDG has assumed management of over 28,000 units.

The current environment for real estate investing and management rewards those who can create and add value, we sincerely believe that our extensive experience, creativity, and fundamental knowledge of how to operate and manage real estate investments provides us with the foresight and analytical tools necessary to meet the challenges of creating and adding value, and allows us to assist our clients in creating and executing diversified investment solutions and managing their risks.