Green Program

The Donaldson Group (TDG) is committed to sustainable business practices in the property and construction management industry. Our Greening Program promotes environmental awareness and conservation at our communities and supports area-wide endeavors to reduce, recycle, and reuse resources.

What are we doing to “Green” The Donaldson Group?

TDG actively encourages our offices and our residents to use energy and water conservation practices and partner with local utilities, governments, vendors, and nonprofits on a variety of sustainability initiatives. Here are some ways we are conserving natural resources while improving our communities:

  • As an enthusiastic participant in the EmPOWER Maryland program, TDG has:
    • Scheduled Quick Home Energy Checks (QHECs) for its Maryland residents
    • Upgraded common area lighting to LEDs at the majority of our sites, reducing CO2 emissions equivalent to taking 76 cars off the road annually or planting 9,200 trees
    • Placed occupancy sensors in pertinent common areas to reduce energy load
    • Installed smart thermostats in each eligible apartment home
  • Most TDG sites have implemented capital improvement projects to reduce water consumption. Measures include:
    • Low-flow toilets and shower heads
    • Kitchen and bath faucet low-flow aerators
    • More efficient diverters
    • Upgraded toilet flappers
  • TDG sites have partnered with Planet Aid to help reuse clothing, shoes, and books, keeping these items out of the trash stream while supporting select low-income communities world-wide
  • TDG renovation teams work with local non-profit organizations to reuse appliances discarded during the rehabilitation of apartment homes
  • We have partnered with carpet and trash hauling vendors to recycle used carpet, carpet padding, mattresses, and other items not normally recycled by the local municipalities.
  • TDG is testing solar hot water initiatives at select sites to determine applicability at similar properties
  • Our Energy and Water Conservation Pamphlet gives our residents a handy guide for simple, effective tips to save energy and water in their communities
  • The TDG Energy Pledge has become a part of our corporate culture and is part of every new lease