PMA Honors Scott Jones with the Alvin L. Sussman Award

Scott Jones, Senior Advisor to the President, was honored with PMA’s highest honor, the Alvin L. Sussman award at the association’s Past Presidents Dinner on November 16, 2017.  The Alvin L. Sussman award recognizes a property manager who has made an outstanding advancement in the property management profession.  The criteria includes enhancing relations between residents and management; advancing the profession by instituting a major improvement in operations; achieving a noteworthy accomplishment resulting in favorable public notice that brings acclaim to the profession, receiving public recognition for a deed or accomplishment that may pertain to property management but reflects favorably on the individual as a property manager; and accomplishing a special achievement in the private sector.

In his speech, Scott Jones focused on the future leaders of both The Donaldson Group and the property management industry.  He gave the future leaders advice on what it takes to excel in the profession.  A copy of the speech can be found on the following link.  PMA Speech

Scott served on the Board of Directors of PMA and was it’s President in 2015.

Picture from left to right is TDG Executive Team members Sylviane Nguyen (CFO), Carlyle Swafford (SVP of Property Management), Scotr Jones (Senior Advisor), Scott Altman (Executive Vice President), Carlton Einsel (President) and Jennifer Casey (SVP of Operations).



Jennifer Casey Receives the Carole Worley Distinguished Service Award

The Property Management Association awarded Jennifer Casey, Senior Vice President of Operations, the Carole Worley Distinguished Service Award at as it’s Past Presidents Dinner on November 16, 2017.  Jennifer received this award for the stellar work she has done as the Co-Chair of PMA’s Community Service Community.  The Community Service Committee capitalizes on PMA members’ expertise to improve the quality of space where people live and/or work and provides mediums for members to serve their community.  The Distinguished Service award, that Jennifer received, is given to PMA members for their extraordinary commitment and service to the Property Management Association.

Carlyle Swafford Installed as PMA’s President Elect

Carlyle Swafford, Senior Vice President of Property Management, was installed as President Elect of the Property Management Association (PMA) on Thursday, November 16, 2017.  Carlyle has served on the Board of Directors for several years and in 2017 became the association’s Treasurer.   He will become the association’s President in 2019.

John Majeski Appears at Multifamily Development Symposium

John Majeski, Senior Vice President of Business Development, was a speaker at the Multifamily Development Symposium sponsored by Washington Gas.  John was part of the Financing Panel and spoke about The Donaldson Group’s strategy of converting inefficient central power plants into energy efficient climate control units in individual apartments.  John told the audience that most of the deals were done using bank financing but the most recent one was done using Fannie Mae’s green program financing.  He also related that  “Given our track record, we have a number of case studies at this point where we can prove that we’ve done this, that we’ve been able to create the savings and create the value.” For more information, click on the attached link to view an article from the Washington Business Journal.  10-13-17 Washington Gas advertorial